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Developer Advocacy that leaves a mark. 

Developers are notoriously critical of marketing. They easily see through unsubstantiated claims and are suspicious of anything that feels hyped. So how do you tell the story of your product in a way that builds authentic, sustainable engagement?

By placing Developer Advocacy at the core of your brand, I help you tell genuine, convincing stories about the impact your product makes on the lives of your users and the companies they work for. By combining technical rigour with a humanizing voice, we will craft a DevRel strategy together that leaves a mark on your users...and on your end-of-year reports.

Advocacy Services

Thought Leadership

You want to establish an authoritative voice that builds trust with your users.

I help you create content that helps users make strategic decisions about the tools they use to create value in their work. 

Technical Tutorials

You need technical blogs, video tutorials and code notebooks that lower the barrier to entry for your product. I've got the technical chops and user empathy to build what you need. 


Let's be honest, very few people enjoy writing technical documentation. I'm one of them. I'll proof-read the stream of docs to make sure no comma goes unturned.

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