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Adrián Villar Rojas: Poems for Earthlings


Project Owner:


November 2019 - April 2020

For this installation, the artist was inspired by archival imagery of monuments protected during WWII with elaborate structures of wood and sandbags. Interestingly, we discovered that Oude Kerk - the oldest building in Amsterdam - was given no such protection at the time. Against the backdrop of current discussions of climate change the sandbags took on a whole other layer of meaning. How and why do we protect our cultural heritage? What do we deem worth preserving?


Due to the massive amounts of material, this project required especially close coordination between the restoration architect, construction engineer, fire department, production company, and of course the artist. We also recruited and coordinated a large time of volunteers from around Amsterdam to assist in the installation. The result: a disorienting, timeless labyrinth that beckons pause and reflection.

My role:

project lead, artist and stakeholder communication, material research, production supervision


Oude Kerk

Photo credits: Jörg Baumann

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