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Knowledge is special it literally requires space to think not just in your mind but also more only or especially in the world around you knowledge is in bodied it requires two or three hour 20 warm human body is pulsing with blood the deer twin counter one another thinking about it knowledge actually requires courage and trust and a certain vulnerability and all sorts of other fluffy feelings that we so rarely associate with knowledge somehow we think of science has called academics as distance as if somehow we can extract yourself from the situation we are in in order to really know it but I would dare to venture but I have never really known anything without encountering a warm human body even a simple handshake is an encounter between to warm human body is pulsing with blood why is it so weird for me to talk about blood and knowledge in one sentence to talk about that we think that art has more to do with human bodies with energy with values with morals and sciences more removed more polite more proper but I really think that we are missing the point here that there is a modern single piece of knowledge that is simply transferred to me by reading a book for absorbing some sort of one mind into another I don't believe in this nonsense I know I shouldn't say this but the facts don't exist there over trust me facts at least in the sense of clearly the limited nuggets of knowledge check out my academic words that can be transferred neutrally without effect from one container remind to another those kinds of fun so I think it is time to get rid of this idea that we can simply transfer knowledge literally across some sort of magical portal I think instead that we should come up with some new ideas play some new value on in for Mallaby and long conversations that off the table I think trust courage sensibility urges fun desires those are the things that we are going to need an hour to get us to some sort of new future in which knowledge comes back to embodied form I would dare to say even as someone who should academically think something about the future and it will take pussy is pulsing with potential



The Future Will Take Guts - Original Audio
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