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Who's Richard?

Call me schizophrenic, but I thrive in the in-between. Half-architect and half-anthropologist, my papers say I’m one-hundred-percent Dutch…but my blood runs equal parts hummus and garlic sauce. It's a curious side-effect of growing up in Beirut. 

As an anthropologist, these “in-betweens” fascinate me. But the architect in me also wants to bridge them. So I meet myself halfway and work hard to create spaces that help people from different backgrounds come together to interact directly with the urgent issues that matter to them.

For the full lowdown on what I've been up to, check out my cv.

Says who?

I'm a creative producer who will help you get your story built, felt, and heard; a rigorous researcher more curious than George; and a generous host who might just cook up a Lebanese feast to make us all feel at home. 

Can I help you?

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