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Who's Richard?

I'm a trilingual Developer Advocate who works in Python.


Hardwired with a strong left- and right-brain OS, I am able to communicate technical content in creative, authentic ways that drive sustainable engagement. I pair this with a get- things-done attitude to deliver mass-impact projects with relatively small teams. Recently, my colleague and I grew the monthly organic traffic to our company blog by 5x in just over 6 months.

Data science stack:
- Python for Data incl: pandas, xgboost, sklearn, tensorflow, dask & others

- DataViz incl Tableau, datashader 
- Cloud computing incl. AWS, GCP, Snowflake, MongoDB, K8s

- Parallel computing incl. Dask, PySpark, Fugue, Ray

Says who?

For the full lowdown on what I've been up to in my adult life, check out my resume.

For writing samples, check out my Medium account. For a sample of my video content, check out some of my LinkedIn videos. I also regularly give technical tutorials, for example at PyCon Germany 2022.

Sound good?

Email me at richardpelgrim[at] and let's chat!

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