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Playing the Cathedral

with Philip Glass & Nicolás Jaar


Project Owner:


May 11-12, 2019

To celebrate the multi-million restoration of the famous Vater-Müller organ of the Oude Kerk and to raise funds for an innovative five-year musical program, Oude Kerk hosted Playing the Cathedral, a unique gala (May 11) and 18-hour concert program (May 12). During the gala, Philip Glass inaugurated the organ and Nicolás Jaar performed his commissioned site-specific composition Voula. The next day, 7 concerts by Glass, Jaar, and others were presented back-to-back, drawing more than three thousand visitors. 

This project was event production at its finest. Close to a thousand VIP guests, high-end catering, multiple concerts by world-renowned musical artists, top-notch audio and video engineering all had to be coordinated in one evening to create an unforgettable experience. The event was described by both press and guests as 'surpassing Dutch standards' and the financial targets were reached, ensuring a future for spatial music at Oude Kerk.

My role:

project lead, artist communication, production coordination


Oude Kerk

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